#ScandiReadingChallenge: 1960s

In June, the focus of the 2022 Scandinavian Reading Challenge is books that take place in the 1960s. Find below some highlights from that time period along with some reading suggestions.

Do you have any Scandinavian books that take place during this time period that you recommend or know of? Leave a comment or email me any suggestions. I’d love to hear them.

Some highlights from this decade:

  • October 1960 – Authorities removed restrictions limiting importation and sale of private cars. From that point on, the automobile joined the television as a vital element of modern Norwegian society.
  • 1965 – Oil discovered, but not thought to be economically viable
  • 1969 – Ekofisk oil field discovery kick-starts new economic era (Black Gold: Norway’s Oil Story)

Books to consider:

  • The Half Brother by Lars Saabye Christensen, translated from the Norwegian by Kenneth Steven (Oslo, 1950s and 1960s)
  • Child Wonder: A Novel by Roy Jacobsen, translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett and Don Shaw (Working-class suburb of Oslo, early 1960s)
  • Beatles by Lars Saabye Christensen, translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett (Oslo, 1965-1972)
  • The Human Flies (K2 and Patricia Series) by Hans Olav Lahlum, translated from the Norwegian by Kari Dickson (Crime fiction, Oslo, 1968)
  • Red Wolf by Liza Marklund, translated from the Swedish by Neil Smith (Crime fiction, murder linked to a 1960s terrorist attack on a nearby airbase)

Books in Norwegian (No translations yet):

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